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Investment Performance Reporting

We have designed digital-front ends using Python and React, custom PDF reports and management reporting using Microsoft Power BI. Our deep investment expertise, combined with technical know-how allow us to deliver powerful investment performance reporting for any portfolio.
We have a library of standard reports including investment performance attribution, asset allocation, contribution, limits, 3rd party mandates, liquidity, local currency return, TWR, IRR and more.
In addition continuously adding to our library of reports, we are always open to discuss custom reports based on your specifications.

A digital front-end for an iPad or a customized one-pager in PDF? We can deliver complex investment reports exactly how you specify them.

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We thoroughly enjoy speaking to clients and prospects to understand what their challenges and aspirations are and how our solutions and experience can help take your reporting to the next stage.
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Our Features

Digital Front-end

Customised interactive digital reporting reflecting your investment policy and asset class structure. Collect all your reports and portfolio analyses in one place.

Custom PDF reports

One-pagers or board-packs made to your specifications

Reminder Notifications

E-mail alerts for contract expiries, limit breaches or data quality issues

Document Archive

External or internal reports, contracts and agreements available through our frontend or in the back end for auditors, management and accountants

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Investment Performance Reporting

We can automate your reporting flow and kill off spreadsheets.

We have a proven track record of solving complex reporting requirements for family offices and fund management companies. Whether it is coming up with entirely new designs, or automating a current spreadsheet driven model we have the tools to take your reporting to the next level. Book a meeting with us today and let us show you how we can make your reporting dreams come true!


Digital Front End

Collect all your reports and connect all the dots

Having easy access to all relevant portfolio data in a single place for your entire organisation can be very powerful. Whether it is a model that you painstakingly put together quarterly, or yesterday's P/L, imagine having everything updated automatically daily without key man risk or operational bottlenecks. Using a modern portfolio management system combined with Python, React and jsreport we deliver an end to end reporting solution that frees you from manual processes and long lead times.

Library of reports that keeps on growing

We are always welcoming new ideas and suggestions

In all likelihood, you will find most of your reporting requirements met by our extensive library of current reports. Adaptations and customizations are of course included in our services. Should you have specific requirements that are not met by any of our current reports, that is great news for us, as we are always welcoming new ideas that challenge us and help push our solution forward.
Some of our existing reports include investment performance attribution, limits, asset allocation, contribution analysis, IRR, TWR, private equity fund performance, direct investments performance, liquidity overview, 3rd party mandate monitoring, positions overview, performance analysis, currency exposure, legal entity chart, sector allocation, transactions, Excel-downloads and more.
All of our digital reports are interactive with drill-downs and periods to be set up according to your requirements.

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Custom PDF reports

Printed reports still play a key role with decision-makers

A modern digital front end is undoubtedly powerful with visualisations, drill-downs and toggle buttons providing flexibility and the opportunity to drill down into specific areas of interest based on portfolio or market events. However, there is no denying that a crisp one-pager where everyone knows where to locate crucial KPIs never goes out of style. Whether it is printed and placed on the owner’s desk each week, or plays a vital role in the boardroom, we can provide a customized and automated PDF report to suit your needs.

Reminder Notifications

E-mail alerts for critical portfolio events

Whether it is an expiring FX contract, the maturity of a bond that needs to be reinvested, a limit breach or a bank account with a negative balance; some actions will be time critical for you and they need to be handled as a matter of priority. We configure the e-mail alerts that help you stay on top of your day-to-day portfolio management.

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Document archive

Reports, contracts and agreements are available at your fingertips

The latest quarterly report for your family-owned industrial company, your private bank’s investment outlook or a shareholder agreement? For an investor, the number of different document types is often as many as the various places they are stored. Wasting valuable time searching through a crowded email inbox can be frustrating. Together we agree on how to store and present important documents on our digital front-end.

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