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White-label Investor Portal

Allowing your investors a login to monitor key aspects of their investments is an effective way of building loyalty and educating them about your investment strategy and performance. This may be particularly valuable during times of market turmoil and uncertainty.
Together we will customize an investor portal based on your requirements, complete with your logo, colour scheme and look and feel.

Effectively communicate and build loyalty to your investors by giving them access to your own investor portal.

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Our Features

White-label Front-end

Display your performance to investors exactly how you want using your own logo, colour scheme and look & feel.

Custom PDF reports

One-pagers or monthly report packs distributed automatically.

Integrations and Data Collection

Automated imports of all relevant data.

Document Archive

Allow investors to access a library of reports and documents relevant to them. 

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Digital Access for Your Investors

We enable you to leverage the latest technologies in investor communication.

Allowing your investors and management cloud based access to vital portfolio metrics is a powerful way to improve investor relations and give you easy access to vital investment data at the same time. Book a free demo today to discuss how we can help you help your business take the next digital steps.


White-label front-end

Individual logins for each investor

Our digital front-end allows you to make customised reporting suited for your investors, allowing them to see both the fund's performance, but also their individual returns based on their specific subscriptions and redemptions. Our front-end is stacked with features such as performance attribution analysis, asset allocation, liquidity overview, limits, external mandate follow-ups, Excel downloads and more. Book a free demo to see all our features.

Custom PDF reports

Printed reports still play a key role for investors and clients

A modern digital front end is undoubtedly powerful with visualisations, drill-downs and toggle buttons providing flexibility and the opportunity to drill down into specific areas of interest based on portfolio or market events. However, there is no denying that a crisp one-pager where everyone knows where to locate crucial KPIs never goes out of style. We can provide a customized and automated PDF report to suit your needs.

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Integrations and Data Collection

Automated imports of all relevant data

Our platform is independent and we can collect your data from multiple sources, including banks, custodians, 3rd party systems, price feed vendors and more. We will handle the technical integrations as well as the ongoing maintenance and reconciliation to make sure that portfolio data is correct daily.

Document archive

Allow investors to access a library of reports and documents.

The latest quarterly or monthly report or the investor's individual subscription document? Together we agree on how to store and present important documents on our digital front-end.

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