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Family Office Services

Back office, middle office or reporting as a service? You select the services matching your needs.

From our vast experience working with family offices, we know that each family has its specific characteristics, focus areas, and needs. We like to challenge the old saying; “When you have seen one family office, you have seen one family office”. That is why we have a flexible solution that delivers the joint benefits of being supported by systems and digital processes and being tailored to your specific needs.
So that you can finally get rid of those spreadsheets.

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Our Features

Digital Front-end

Customised interactive digital reporting reflecting your investment policy and asset class structure

Portfolio Management System

Access to modern cloud based investment management system

Portfolio Management Tools

Performance attribution analysis, limits, liquidity overview, asset allocation, transaction reporting and more available digitally, to Excel or in PDF

Custom PDF reports

One-pagers or board-packs made to your specifications

Bank Integrations

Automated imports of all your banking data

Reminder Notifications

E-mail alerts for contract expiries, limit breaches or data quality issues

All Assets Covered

Listed assets, direct investments, private equity funds, real estate and any other asset covered on the same platform.

Back and Middle office as a service

Scale your family office by leveraging our resources and expertise

Aggregation across currencies, legal entities and banking relationships

Get a complete view of your total assets across entities and ownership structures

Document Archive

External or internal reports, contracts and agreements available through our frontend or in the back end for auditors, management and accountants

Data Technology
Family Office: App Features

Family Office Technology

We enable any family office to leverage the latest technologies

An initiative for technological change for a family office can come from many places, including a generational change, a desire to go digital, operational bottlenecks, manual errors or resource constraints, challenges from moving into new asset classes, complexity in dealing with multiple banks and counterparties, managing multiple family investment companies and legal entities and the list goes on.
Whatever your situation, we believe that you could benefit from a non-binding discussion on how you could potentially use your challenges as an effective way of taking a big step forward.


Digital Front End

Individual logins for each family member

Our digital front-end allows you to make customised reporting suited to each family member so that she will see her individual investment activities combined with her pro-rata share of joint family holdings. Our front-end is stacked with features such as performance attribution analysis, asset allocation, liquidity overview, limits, external mandate follow-ups, Excel downloads and more. Book a free demo to see all our features.

Access to Portfolio Management System


If you just would like to see the final reports or view your portfolio through our digital front end, that is perfectly fine. However, we also allow you to make use of a modern and powerful cloud-based investment management system, where we maintain the data, and provide technical support and vendor management, so that you can focus on managing investments, not systems.

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Custom PDF reports

Printed reports still play a key role with decision-makers

A modern digital front end is undoubtedly powerful with visualisations, drill-downs and toggle buttons providing flexibility and the opportunity to drill down into specific areas of interest based on portfolio or market events. However, there is no denying that a crisp one-pager where everyone knows where to locate crucial KPIs never goes out of style. Whether it is printed and placed on the owner’s desk each week, or plays a vital role in the boardroom, we can provide a customized and automated PDF report to suit your needs.

All Assets Covered 

Listed assets, direct investments, private equity funds, real estate and any other asset covered on the same platform.

Whether it is a transaction in listed equity imported through one of our banking integrations, the initial investment in a company you are founding or setting up a joint venture to invest in real estate, we ensure that all investments, cash flows, and costs are recorded giving you peace of mind as well as correct and updated decision making material. We can periodically collect broker estimates and valuations for real estate, shipping or privately held companies, making sure you always stay on top of your total portfolio and can pay attention to the relevant part of your holdings.

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Back and middle office as a service

Scale your family office by leveraging our resources and expertise

If you are managing change, scaling up your family office or simply need to tap into our expertise, we can provide a wide range of middle and back-office services, such as manual data entry for unlisted assets, data quality controls and reconciliations or follow-up on limit breaches or custom reporting. We are here to ensure the digital success of your family office.

Aggregate Currencies

Consolidate all assets into one or more reporting currencies of your choice

Many family offices may have investments through legal entities or investment mandates reporting in multiple currencies. Our platform can consolidate all assets into one or more reporting currencies of your choice so that you can see all your assets converted into a single currency. You may even allow different family members to see their part of the same portfolio in the reporting currency of their choice.

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Aggregate Legal Entities

View your family's investment vehicles as a single portfolio

Family offices are often using multiple investment vehicles, fully or partly owned, to manage their investments. Different family members may own varying stakes in these individual vehicles, resulting in each family member having a slightly different tilt in their pro-rata-owned portfolio. Our platform allows you to display the true portfolio, complete with underlying holdings, exposure and return, for each family member.

Aggregate Across Banks

Multiple banks in a single view

To get the best possible terms, services and investment products family offices will usually make use of multiple banking relationships. Our platform is independent of any one bank and makes it possible to view all bank accounts, custody accounts, loans, and other activities with each bank, side by side in a consolidated report. We will handle the technical integration as well as the ongoing maintenance and reconciliation to make sure that banking data is correct daily.

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Reminder Notifications

E-mail alerts for critical portfolio events

Whether it is an expiring FX contract, the maturity of a bond that needs to be reinvested, a limit breach or a bank account with a negative balance; some actions will be time critical for you and they need to be handled as a matter of priority. We configure the e-mail alerts that help you stay on top of your day-to-day portfolio management.

Document archive

Reports, contracts and agreements are available at your fingertips

The latest quarterly report for your family-owned industrial company, your private bank’s investment outlook or a shareholder agreement? For a family office, the number of different document types is often as many as the various places they are stored. Wasting valuable time searching through a crowded email inbox should not be the job of family boards and decision-makers. Together we agree on how to store and present important documents on our digital front-end.

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